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The art3f company

« Art is within everyone’s reach from the moment we show it »

Victor Vasarely


Open to galleries and artists, the art3f concept, favouring a direct connection between new European creation and art lovers, is widely supported by the public. Drawing on its experience of organising international modern art fairs, art3f is firstly a private initiative, equipped with thorough knowledge of the art market.

By stirring things up, art3f is reinventing the very form art fairs take.



Calendar of fairs

Parc des Expositions

Date to be announced

Parc Expo
Date to be announced

Parc Expo
17th-18th-19th November 2017

30th November
1st-2nd-3rd December 2017

Paris Expo - Porte de Versailles
27th-28th-29th January 2017


Parc des Expo

24th-25th-26th February 2017


Parc Exponantes

24th-25th-26th March 2017

7th-8th-9th April 2017

Parc des Expo
28th-29th-30th April 2017

Expo Beaulieu
4th-5th-6th-7th Mai 2017

Parc Expo - Heysel
6th-7th-8th October 2017

Acropolis - Palais des expositions
13th-14th-15th October 2017



Art fair, but differently


A convenient way to exhibit


With 3 meter high walls and wide aisles which add value to the presentation of the art works, art3f offers a unique exhibition space.
LED spot lights, brushed cotton partitions (3 colours available), carpeted floor - the stands are supplied fully equipped with no additional charges.




Selected exhibitors


Each exhibitor is selected after application, by a committee of professionals.


An original art fair


art3f is changing the boundaries of the usual contemporary art exhibitions, giving them back a warmer, more human side.
A VIP bar with good quality food and wine, jazz music, live performances, a «happening» area for children’s creativity - there are so many reasons to explore art with your family.



Strong purchasing dynamic


Thanks to extensive communication with collectors, professionals and business leaders in the region, art3f is THE UNMISSABLE EXHIBITION. Regional galleries and artists from the region - don’t miss out on this opportunity to meet customers and encourage their continued business. Make sales, create your event, and be in the right place at the right time!

Why exhibit at art3f?


Do you want to sell your work, improve your image and reputation, meet new clients and encourage existing ones to come back, meet art professionals, quickly build up a list of contacts?


You want to exhibit in Nice?

Please contact our sales department which will make you discover this fair and which can accompany you in the realization of your project by proposing you an estimate personalized and adapted to your budget : phone :
00 33 (0)3 89 59 02 40 - mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.









Art3f is coming (city display campaign 2016)

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