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More than trade shows and fairs, art3f and Gallery Art Fair are also spaces for exchange

Going to meet art without prejudice and letting emotion take precedence while having a level of requirement in line with trends in the international art world, such is now our identity.

art3f and Art Fair are moving the lines of traditional contemporary art dealer fairs , giving these cultural events a human and warm side. Without code, without prejudice and uninhibited, the art3f & Gallery Art Fair concept is a clever mix between favorite art, affordable art and the most beautiful artistic representation of the moment. So many reasons to discover art as a family.

Contemporary art by art3f & Gallery Art Fair

Our definition of contemporary art gets rid of the discourse and the symbol in favor of living artists and the emotion aroused by the works. The search for beauty, living art, the intelligence of the hand, emotion, aesthetics, this is what we claim and what we believe in!

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