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get sponsored

Open to galleries and artists, the art3f concept favors direct contact between new European art and art lovers. The art3f fairs anticipates a situation where private money will be increasingly solicited to give artistic creation the means to be presented to the public.


What is sponsorship?

It is the financial coverage of all or part of the artist's booth by a company.
The aim is, for the company, to make itself known in a commercial approach and to benefit from a tax deduction.


How does it work?

The artist benefiting from the support of a sponsor fills out the contract in his or her name and indicates the company's contact details and the amount covered.


Can I submit an application before I have found a sponsor?

Yes, it is possible. First of all, we will submit your application to our selection committee in order to ensure that you have the opportunity to exhibit at our art3f fairs.


Can you help me find a sponsor?

Unfortunately, we do not have a list of sponsors to provide.
We advise you first to turn to your network: bank, insurance company, friend, nearby company… We can then, if you wish, take over from your sponsor for the various formalities and answer any questions.


If I can't find a sponsor, can I share the costs with another artist?

First of all, when you submit your application, you must specify that your participation will depend on a sponsor that you have not yet found.
Together we will determine the conditions for reserving the stand. If you do not find a sponsor, we can consider sharing the stand (for example, a painter who can occupy the linear space and a sculptor who can occupy the central space).
It will be up to you to find an artist to share it with and thus you will be able to divide the costs incurred by two. For any other case, you will have to contact us to study the possibilities.


Can I have several sponsors?

Yes, this is possible. All you need to do is to indicate their contact details and the amount covered by the invoice. The amount not covered by the sponsors will be paid by the artist, who will also receive an invoice in his name.


Is there a minimum amount for the sponsor?

No, there is no minimum. For your information, we consider 500€ to be a reasonable amount to support an artist.


What are the benefits to my sponsoring company?

In addition to the tax deduction, the sponsoring company can benefit from several advantages:

  • Insert logo on your catalog page
  • Unlimited number of invitations (value 20€ per invitation)
  • Possibility of visibility on the stand (logo, flyers, business card) set up by yourself.
  • Possibility to organize a vernissage on the first day of the exhibition on your stand.


Contact us

Our sales department will introduce you to our fairs and will be able to assist you in the realization of your project by offering you a personalized estimate adapted to your budget.