Sponsor an artist


sponsor an artist

Open to galleries and artists, the art3f concept favors direct contact between new European art and art lovers. The art3f fairs anticipates a situation where private money will be increasingly solicited to give artistic creation the means to be presented to the public.


What is sponsorship?

It is the financial support of all or part of the artist's stand.
It concerns all companies that publicly associate their name with a cultural event. The term sponsorship is reserved for “expenses incurred in the context of events of a cultural nature or contributing to the promotion of artistic heritage”.
The aim is to make one's company and its brand known in a commercial process, the return on which must remain proportionate to the initial investment. Much more than a tax deduction, a sponsorship enhances the external and internal image of the company:

  • Communication on different media
  • Enhancement of the brand image after its partners and clients by associating culture and economy and by inviting them in an environment favorable to dialogue.


What is the tax advantage?

The expenses incurred in the context of sponsoring an artist are primarily intended to promote the company's brand image. Thus, these actions correspond to a commercial approach linked to communication and are deductible from the company's taxable income as operating expenses (art. 39-1-7 of the general tax code).


How does it work?

You commit yourself financially by taking charge of all or part of the booth of the artist you have chosen and benefit from numerous services:

  • Insertion of your logo alongside the supported artist on the exhibition catalog
  • A Facebook post, associated with the presence of the artist
  • A catalog of the exhibition
  • Promotional material for the exhibition: posters, flyers
  • Unlimited invitations for 2 people (value 20€ per invitation)
  • Possibility of visibility on the artist's stand: logo, flyers … (managed by the artist)
  • Possibility to organize a vernissage on the first evening of the exhibition on the artist's stand (at your expense)


4 good reasons to sponsor an artist:

  1. Associate your image with a prestigious cultural event and increase your reputation.
  2. Expand your communication plan and maintain your network
  3. Meet artists and art lovers in a setting conductive to exchange
  4. Tax benefit: Tax deductible


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