European leaders

of contemporary art fairs

In order to offer the public artistic events that are at the same time original, affordable and qualitative, art3f shakes up the codes of traditional contemporary art fairs by favoring direct relationship between the artists and their public.

Since 2012, each year, Art3f has been visiting more than fifteen French and European cities by offering artists and galleries, gathered in a same place, the possibility to take advantage of the buying dynamics of art fairs that are now popular with the general public.




Born from the somewhat crazy idea of friends and co-workers fascinated by art, the art3f fair and the same name company were born in 2012 and have been growing at an astounding pace ever since.
With a first edition well beyond our expectations and beating all statistics, art3f has not stopped growing and is now exported in France and in Europe, with yearly 18 fairs and exhibitions , all of them being managed by the small Mulhouse-based company that now has all the makings of a big one!

If the company develops its expertise outside its own borders, art3f remains more than ever faithful to its convictions and to what made it successful: to allow everyone, art specialist, collector, neophyte, the curious, the dreamers or all at once, to access this precious breath of oxygen and space of dream that art represents today in our modern societies.



Combined fairs open to international galleries and artists, all representative of the contemporary art landscape and its current trends. Each exhibitor is selected by an independent committee composed of professionals of art.

Attractive and welcoming events for visitors whether they are art connoisseurs, collectors or neophytes. A bar-restaurant offering quality food at all hours, a jazzy atmosphere at vernissage opening evenings animated with live music, a happening zone reserved for the creativity of children* are all reasons for the public to discover art with their families.

* Happening zone temporarily suspended following the COVID

A unique exhibition concept with a unique topography, an original layout of the stands, wide aisles, 3-meter-high hanging partitions featuring three different brushed cotton colors and an optimal lighting system equipped with LED spotlights of the latest generation in order to offer the artworks a perfect readability.


Frequently asked questions

What are the steps to subscribe?

  1. Submission of the application form consisting of the participation contract, 5 photos of works, a CV (with the exhibitions you have participated in) and a biography (presentation of your work) which will be submitted to our selection committee
  2. Selection: the selection committee meets regularly and the response is quick (about 2 days).
  3. Payment of the 50% deposit and information about the catalogue.
  4. Payment of the balance one month before the fair
  5. Sending of information about the exhibition (opening hours, access, etc.)


Who is part of the selection committee ?

The selection committee is composed of two artists, two gallery owners and two collectors. It is different from one fair to another.


What is the deadline for submitting an application ?

There is no deadline. We accept applications until the fair is full. We process applications in the order in which they are received.


What are the payment options for buyers ?

As a private company, we cannot collect payments from your customers. They must pay you directly.
There are several ways to do this:- Cash, there is always a cash dispenser nearby or in the fairground.
- By cheque (make sure you know who the person is).
- By bank transfer (very developed with smartphones and direct proof).
- By bank card / SUM UP (contact your bank to rent a GPRS terminal)


Can I make changes to the contract ?

Yes, just contact us directly. Please note! No changes can be made 3 weeks before the fair.


Contact us

Our sales department will introduce you to our fairs and will be able to assist you in the realisation of your project by offering you a personalised estimate adapted to your budget.