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art3f Bordeaux 2020


6th art3f fair in Bordeaux !
With an urban area of 1 140 000 inhabitant, Bordeaux is the 6th populated city of France. You all have at least one client in Bordeaux!
With about 12 000 households subject to the solidarity tax on wealth (ISF), Bordeaux is on of the richest city of France.
City of art since 1975, Bordeaux as always settled the culture in the center of its political commitments. Its artistic landscape is abundant!
An always diversified selection of artists and galleries in order to increase the level and quality of the presented artworks.
art3f is a private company that doesn’t benefit from subsidies. Our success depends on the sales and satisfaction of our exhibitors.


An exceptional environment

With an urban area of 1 140 000 inhabitant, Bordeaux is the 6th populated city of France. Its exceptional geographic situation, next to the ocean and its popular seaside resorts (Lacanau, Arcachon, Seignosse, Capbreton, Biscarrosse, Lège-Cap-Ferret et, plus au Sud Anglet, Hendaye, Saint-Jean-de-Luz ou Biarritz) and only 2h from the Pyrénées, make Bordeaux and its periphery an area with a strong economic potential, moreover its name shines all over the World thanks to its famous vineyards.

Culture as a standard

Bordeaux has been awarded City of art since 1975, City of art and history since 2009, is inscribed as an inhabited historic city, an outstanding urban and architectural ensemble. Bordeaux as always settled the culture in the center of its political commitments and enjoys an undisputed attractive power. Its artistic landscape, as well traditional to avant-garde, is abundant. Places dedicated to its creation and its spreading are numerous, diverse and open to all kinds of expressions: Institutional places, prestigious museums like the CAPC, the Bernard Magrez Cultural Institut, the FRAC, The Fine-Arts museum or the Art Deco... and even private places, wonderful galleries and a dense network of cultural associations and artistic collectives.



A rich city

With nearly 12,000 household subject solidarity tax on wealth (ISF), Bordeaux is one of the most wealthy city of France. There is numerous of villages and vineyard castles around with multiples local fortunes with a lot of Belgian and Chinese millionaires. They invest the region’s castles, both for wine production and the development of luxury rooms in Bordeaux region’s most beautiful buildings. In addition to the historical Bordeaux, there are plenty of luxury properties in the Silver Coast seaside resorts. The viticultural, properties and industrial patrimony testify of a solid economic health.


Art fair, but differently


A convenient way to exhibit


With 3 metre high walls and wide aisles which add value to the presentation of the art works, art3f offers a unique exhibition space.
LED spot lights, brushed cotton partitions (3 colours available), carpeted floor - the stands are supplied fully equipped with no additional charges.




Selected exhibitors


Each exhibitor is selected after application, by a committee of professionals.


An original art fair


art3f is changing the boundaries of the usual contemporary art exhibitions, giving them back a warmer, more human side.
A VIP bar with good quality food and wine, jazz music, live performances, a «happening» area for children’s creativity - there are so many reasons to explore art with your family.



Strong purchasing dynamic


Thanks to extensive communication with collectors, professionals and business leaders in the region, art3f is THE UNMISSABLE EXHIBITION. Regional galleries and artists from the region - don’t miss out on this opportunity to meet customers and encourage their continued business. Make sales, create your event, and be in the right place at the right time!

Why exhibit at art3f?


Do you want to sell your work, improve your image and reputation, meet new clients and encourage existing ones to come back, meet art professionals, quickly build up a list of contacts?


Download the art3f Bordeaux leaflet

Do you want to exhibit in Bordeaux?

You will find our commercial offers and participation contracts by clicking here.

Please contact our sales department which will make you discover this fair and which can accompany you in the realization of your project by proposing you an estimate personalized and adapted to your budget :
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